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Joshua Kennedy, DMD
Joshua Kennedy, DMD
Although I love using my hand skills every day, my favorite aspect of dentistry is the privilege of spending time with my patients. More specifically, I enjoy my one-on-one time with patients who have reservations about seeing the dentist. Dental anxiety is real. Although I have never personally experienced the dread associated with going to see the dentist (due to the fact that my father was my dentist), I know that many people, whether or not they readily admit to it, are frightened to go see the dentist. I have devoted a lot of time studying and practicing the pharmacological treatment remedies designed to cater to so many of you that are anxious to see the dentist. For me, the satisfaction of placing a beautiful and comfortable restoration in a patient’s mouth cannot hold a candle to the satisfaction that I feel when I help a patient overcome a 40-year-long hatred of dentistry.

I also have a specific interest in supplementing my patients’ pearly whites with augmenting the soft tissue of the face. A patient’s smile doesn’t begin and end with the dentition. Lips, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, marionette lines and even the forehead/brow region are all integral parts of the total aesthetic facial profile.

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